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Talk To Me Tote Bag Now Exclusively Produced by Shades of Color, LLC

Sylvia “Gbaby” Cohen’s African American Woven Tote Bag Now Produced By Small Black Owned Business

Talk To Me - Nubian Queen Tote Bag by GbabyCarson, CA – July 2017: For over a decade renowned artist, Sylvia “Gbaby” Cohen, has produced the “Talk To Me” Woven Tote Bag out of North Carolina. Recently she switched manufacturers and the new and improved bag will now be exclusively produced by Shades of Color, LLC out of California.

Shades of Color and “Gbaby” have partnered together for years on inspirational gifts such as calendars, home décor and stationery using her vivid artwork that depict a wide range of African American women with colorful backgrounds and thematic schemes. Her pieces reflect ethnic women of all shades, sizes and hair textures and are often married with motivational sayings and scripture that resonate strongly with the community through uplifting themes.

Talk To Me, also known as Nubian Queen, has been a powerful image that both parties have utilized on a wide range of black products.  As the title suggests, it speaks volumes to women from all types of backgrounds and unites through the theme of sisterhood on a diverse product line.

“We first used the Nubian Queen piece on an African American wall calendar and were amazed at the response,” says Adrian Woods, President, who leads all production for the twenty-two year old company.  “As our portfolio expanded beyond black calendars and paper products, we were able to see how well Nubian Queen translated to other items.  The tote bag was always a top seller for our customers, and we are very excited to have the opportunity to make improvements on the bag by adding a top zipper, three inside pockets and increasing the handle by an inch.  We had previously been manufacturing our own bags and are thrilled to now be able to offer the same features with Nubian Queen (Talk To Me).”

Since the tote bag went off the market earlier this year customers have submitted numerous inquiries on the re-production of the bag and the artist has fielded requests to the Carson-based company.  The void created by the bag not being available for the duration of the summer only further illustrates its popularity and the lasting impression this particular image has with its fans.... (continued)

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The Shades of Color Gives Back Program has been an integral way for Shades of Color, LLC to stay connected with the community and give back to its like minded organizations. Organizations we support are typically related to children, women and faith-based groups particularly in the African American community. The Shades of Color Gives Back Program has donated over $240,000 worth of in-kind gifts over the last five years. Most recently the company gave nearly $30,000 worth of calendars to the Challengers Boys & Girls Club, and has also donated a portion of profits from its “Help Find A Cure” magnet to charities dedicated to breast cancer prevention amongst African American women.

Samples of additional organizations we have supported include:

Shades of Color Black Gifts Gives Back To Community  Challengers Boys & Girls Club
   Los Angeles Urban League Young Professionals
   City of Refuge Church
   Black PR Leadership Conference
   HBCU College Expo Show
   Phi Beta Sigma, Inc. Father's Day Brunch
   Dream It's Amazing Woman
   Female Veterans
   Called to Dance, Anointed to Minister" Praise Dance Conference
   LA Naturals Gala
   Get Elevated Enterprises
   Crown Jewel Club
   Women Empowered
   My Help My Hope Inc.
   Community Refuge Education Center
   Save Us Now
   Greater Allen Cathedral Women's Conference
   Regalettes Annual White Garden Soiree
   LA Black Book Expo
   Evolution of Curves Event
   Morgan State University
   And More!

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