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Black Art by Annie Lee and Shades of Color       Black Art by Frank Morrison and Shades of Color        Black Art by Kerream Jones and Shades of Color        Black Art by Cidne Wallace and Shades of Color        Black Art by Poncho Brown and Shades of Color    Black Art by Buena Johnson and Shades of Color     Black Art by Gbaby and Shades of Color      Black Art by Twin Hicks and Shades of Color
Annie Lee                      Frank Morrison                Kerream Jones                    Cidne Wallace                      Poncho Brown                  Buena Johnson                    Gbaby                         Twin Hicks


All of Shades of Color's African American Gifts feature genuine Black Art by real African American Artists.  Learn more about our artists below!


Learn more about our 2018 African American Calendar and Planner Artists: 


Annie LeeAnnie Lee Black 2018 Calendar

Painter and decorative artist, Annie Lee was born in Gadsden, AL in 1935 and raised in Chicago. She is well known for her realistic and humorous portrayals of contemporary and historical African American family life. At age ten, Annie took up painting. Immediately she demonstrated talent, winning recognition at art contests and several free semesters of lessons at the Art Institute of Chicago. Since her first gallery show in 1985, Annie Lee has enjoyed resounding international success. Annie Lee unfortunately passed away November 2014, but we are very honored to continue to share her legendary art with the world.

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Cidne Wallace2017 Weekly Planner Cidne WallaceCidne Wallace 2017 African American Calendar

Cidne Wallace attributes her creativity to the beauty and grace of women, African American in particular. “That’s who I am. We are a wealth of knowledge, ideas, creativity, sass, and mother wit. I just glean from that with my work,” she says. She resides in Southern California where she creates, volunteers, and enjoys her beautiful days in the hood. With over fifteen years in the business, Cidne creates graphic art, produces a wide range of inventory and canvas originals, and has recently begun small business advertising. She humbly, graciously, joyfully sends a shout out to all her fans and thanks everyone for their support of her work.

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Buena JohnsonBuena Johnson 2017 African American Calendar

Buena Johnson, fine artist, instructor & owner of Buena Vision Art Studio has received widespread recognition of her legendary jazz, blues and gospel renditions as well as her body of work featuring angels, the spiritual realm and uplifting messages inspired by verses from the Bible. Residing in Los Angeles, CA, Buena has received numerous awards and accolades and her work has been sought after all over the country including noted celebrities and well established entities. Her work is also included in the Kinsey African American Art & History Collection housed by the Smithsonian. 

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Larry “Poncho” BrownPoncho Brown 2017 African American Calendar

Larry "Poncho" Brown is a fine and commercial artist native to Baltimore, MD. Poncho received his B.A. of Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Admirers often site rhythm, movement, and unity, as favorite elements in his work, and he uses a variety of mediums and styles to express his interests in Afrocentric themes, Ancient Egyptology and dance. Poncho's unique style combines past and present art stylizations to create a sense of realism, mysticism, and beauty, which gives his art universal appeal. He founded Raising The Arts, which has created over 55 images to assist non-profit organizations and African American organizations.

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Kerream Jones 2017 Black Calendars - by Kerream Jones

A self-described visual griot, Kerream Jones was born in 1978 in Reading, PA and now resides in Atlanta, GA. Since beginning his journey toward artistic excellence as a high school student, Kerream attended the Art Institute of Atlanta, where he studied graphic design, and the American Intercontinental University in Atlanta, where he graduated with a degree in visual communications. Kerream has gone on to create some of the most definitive and distinctive work to emerge out of the modern era of fine art. His work effortlessly infuses the bright and dark realities of life with the fantasy of frozen moments. Emotions seem to leap off his brush, land on the canvas, and distill art from the vapors of life.

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2017 Black Kids Calendar by Frank MorrisonFrank Morrison2017 Black Calendar - Frank Morrison

Frank Morrison was born in Massachusetts and later moved to New Jersey where he was inspired by local D.J's and colorful ‘tags’ splashed across the neighborhood. His own eye for colorful ‘tags’ brought him considerable ‘street recognition’ and local acclaim. He soon became a "B" boy--break-dancer, touring the US and Europe. It was at the Louvre Museum in Paris that he "met his muse" and returned to New York with a renewed vision and an informed eye. Frank developed an expressive style of his own. His initiatives include publication of over 20 illustrated children’s books. His power and inspiration are products of his deeply religious grounding and his loving commitment to his family. Each of his paintings bears his signature, of course, accompanied by the notation "TTG" representing and reminding all of his "Thanks To God" for the blessings of his gifts--his family and his talents.


Sylvia "Gbaby" Cohen 2017 Weekly Planner by Gbaby

Sylvia “Gbaby” Cohen is the Owner and Designer of Gbaby Artwear, a collection hand painted handbags and accessories. Sylvia earned a B.A. in Liberal Arts with a minor in business from State University of Binghamton, NY. After college, she worked at the San Diego Monitor News as a graphic artist under the direction of artist Albert Fennell. She left the Monitor to start her first business, Another Sylvia Original (ASO), selling hand painted tees to stores around the country. She then opened Unique Fashion Gallery in San Diego, which housed 7 artist and designers. Sylvia and her children later moved to Los Angeles for her daughter, Giovonnnie Samuels, to pursue an acting career. On the set of Nickelodeon’s "All That," her daughter, nicknamed Gbaby, requested a handbag with women of color. After an endless search Sylvia decided to buy a bag and paint women of color on it, and that is how Gbaby was born!

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Artist Submissions

If you're an artist and you would like to submit your artwork for consideration, or if you're a model and you'd like to be included in one of our calendars, please send either JPEG or GIF files to the e-mail address below. You may also send color copies to our address indicated below.

Never send originals: We can't assume responsibility for lost or mangled materials. If you want your work back, enclose a self-addressed return mailer with the appropriate postage securely attached and your return address clearly readable. Check to be sure your materials will fit in the return mailer. We will not return materials received without a postpaid, clearly addressed, and appropriately sized return mailer.

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